jamie_brickhouseThe crowd roared with laughter during Jamie Brickhouse’s reading at HippoCamp 2016; he shared a selection from his debut book, Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex and My Mother.

Jamie returns to Lancaster this year as a breakout session speaker. If you’ve read his memoir, you’ll know that he recalls his childhood in vivid detail. He’ll share how he does it — and how YOU can too — in his session, “I Remember: Unlocking Memories to Lay the Foundation of Your Memoir.

We asked Jamie a few questions about his upcoming appearance, literary citizenship, and Lancaster.

HM: Without sharing any spoilers, what can attendees expect from your session?

JB: A deceptively simply way to remember and how to use that tool as a foundation for writing anything from an essay to building a book, chapter-by-chapter.

Who would benefit the most from your session or workshop? 

Beginners and intermediates the most, but anyone looking for a new way to channel memories and to unlock the door to a story that won’t seem to budge. As Tennessee Williams said, “Drop a memory, drop a word.”

Literary citizenship is so important today, and by being part of our conference, you’re contributing to the CNF community — why is sharing with others important to you?

Giving away what has been taught to me and what I’ve learned through experience is the way I keep what I have (this is a bit of recovery philosophy—the only way to keep what you have is to give it away). Also the bigger the CNF community of new writers, the richer the genre grows.

Lancaster is an amazing city – since you visited last year, what suggestions do you have for those who haven’t been here yet?

Go see the James Buchanan House. It’s a lovely house, and he USED to be considered the worst president in U.S. history, but his legacy is being outpaced by our current president.


Jamie, we’re happy you’re joining us again this year. Learn more about Jamie Brickhouse in this 2016 Hippocampus Magazine interview.

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