Joanne M. Lozar Glenn is a returning HippoCamp speaker, this time as a panelist on our debut author panel. Joanne co-authored Memoir Your Way. We can’t wait to learn more about the process of finding a home for this unique craft book! In the meantime, she answered a few questions for us.



HM: Literary citizenship is so important today, and by being part of our conference, you’re contributing to the CNF community — why is sharing with others important to you?

JLG: Members of the literary community have shared so much with me that it’s only right to take that, add what I’ve learned and pass it on.


Taking off your presenter hat, what are you hoping to learn as an attendee at HippoCamp?

How others approach their revisions of longer works … and anything new that will shake up my own writing. This is my third HippoCamp conference. Both previous conferences have always had rich takeaways, and I’m sure that will be true of this third year as well.


Lancaster is an amazing city; since you’ve been here before, what suggestions do you have for those who haven’t been here yet?

Lancaster has a surprising number of great restaurants at any price range. I also love the walkability, and especially how welcoming everyone is.


What was a recent and memorable work of creative nonfiction you read – whether a book or shorter piece? (And what did you love about it?)

Hillbilly Elegy. The voice, the author’s insights. Having lived in Ohio, where much of the memoir is set, I found it interesting to inform my memories of Middletown and the surrounding areas with the author’s perspectives and stories. And, given the political climate today, what the author has to say is particularly relevant to understanding some of the country’s cultural fissures.


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