If you’re looking to deepen the impact and accuracy of your creative nonfiction, Wendy Bilen can show you how. In High Wide Deep: Finding and Using Research to Enrich Your Prose, Wendy will demonstrate how to use research to further develop characters, scenes, and plot structure. We spoke to Wendy about her expectations for HippoCamp 2017.

wendy bilen
Hippocampus: Without sharing any spoilers, what can attendees expect from your session?

Wendy: My hope is that those who wander into my session will walk away having looked at the possibilities research can offer–that they will think differently about what to look for, where to find it, and what to do with it. It’s remarkable what you can find if you know where to look, and what you unearth can turn a maybe into a yes, making your prose more confident, credible, and intriguing.


Taking off your presenter hat, what are you hoping to learn as an attendee at HippoCamp?

I am interested in exploring shorter forms and would welcome some tips on flash and even micro CNF. What really makes them work?


What about visiting the Lancaster area excites you the most?

As someone who grew up playing in cornfields on my grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin, I am always warmed by a trip back to the country. I don’t know Lancaster enough to make a recommendation, but I tend to think a good drive through the surrounding countryside is just about as good as it gets.


What was the a recent and memorable work of creative nonfiction you read – whether a book or shorter piece? (And what did you love about it?)

I’m heading off to Paris for the first time, so I am rereading A Moveable Feast, loving it just as much this time around. It’s fun to see traces of Hemingway’s stories in his anecdotes. For the trip, I just received my copy of The Lost City of Z, which I can’t wait to devour.


Whether you’re looking to add research to your next project or you simply want to explore a range of creative nonfiction techniques to improve your writing, our community will help you develop your craft. Register today for HippoCamp 2017!
Interested in registering for HippoCamp? Get details here. Registration closes 8/28.

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