It’s only natural that a session titled “Finding Your Tribe” will be a team effort. Patty Kline-Capaldo joins Rae Theodore for this session in our LIVE track, which is all about the writing life. Patty answered a few questions about her upcoming involvement with HippoCamp.

Patricia Capaldo

HM: What can attendees expect from your session?

PC: Attendees will learn how to create and maintain a successful writer’s group or, if they already belong to a group, how to harness collective creative energy to propel their writing forward and achieve their writing goals. We’ll also talk about the benefits of working with writing prompts to stimulate creativity, enhance a work in progress, and break through blocks to creativity and productivity. Before we wrap up, we’ll offer tips on being a model literary citizen and, in the spirit of upstanding literary citizenship, share some of our favorite writing prompts.


Who would benefit the most from your session?
Anyone interested in connecting with other writers on a regular basis for community, support, networking, craft improvement, and fun.


Literary citizenship is so important today, and by being part of our conference, you’re contributing to the CNF community — why is sharing with others important to you?
Anything I can do to spare other writers some of the struggles, the loneliness, the mistakes I have been through is time well spent. I love seeing people break through and succeed.


Taking off your presenter hat, what are you hoping to learn as an attendee at HippoCamp?
Wow! So much to choose from. In general, I hope to learn how to put more “creative” in my creative nonfiction. I also look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with fellow attendees and presenters.


What was a recent and memorable work of creative nonfiction you read?

The best work of creative nonfiction I’ve read recently is, in all honesty, Leaving Normal, Adventures in Gender by Rae Theodore. Rae’s mastery of language always leaves me in awe (with just a hint of envy). In this sometimes humorous, sometimes punchy and poignant memoir, Rae cobbles together a series of vignettes into a cohesive story arc that opens a window into the struggles of growing up “different.” It is a story anyone who has felt like they didn’t fit in can relate to, and anyone who harbors a love of language can enjoy.


Interested in registering for HippoCamp? Get details here. Registration closes 8/28.

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