HippoCamp is excited to welcome Blair Thornburgh to this year’s agents and editors panel, as well as our post-conference pitch-sessions. Blair is an editor at Philadelphia-based Quirk Books and has so much to share. We can’t wait to learn from her this September.

Blair Thornburgh


Without sharing any spoilers, what can attendees expect from your role on the panel?

I hope that writers will come with lots of questions about not only the editorial process, but also the nuts and bolts of how a book project actually gets bought by an editing house. I want to demystify the acquisitions process!

Who would benefit the most from this panel? (Ex: skill level, interest, etc.)

The information will probably be most beneficial to writers actively seeking publication (or just about to start), but I think a good understanding of how the publishing process works is helpful for writers at all stages.

Literary citizenship is so important today, and by being part of our conference, you’re contributing to the CNF community — why is sharing with others important to you?

There is so much publishing knowledge I take for granted, but isn’t necessarily intuitive—you can only know it by knowing it!—so I leap at the opportunity to draw back the curtain whenever possible and help writers take the next step to becoming published authors.

Taking off your presenter hat, what are you hoping to learn as an attendee at HippoCamp?

I am a language nerd, and I love to hear in-depth talks from writers about how they use their words.

Lancaster is an amazing city – since you’ve been here before, what suggestions do you have for those who haven’t been here yet?

Central Market for sure, and the Horse Inn if you’re up for going off the beaten path!

What was a recent and memorable work of creative nonfiction you read – whether a book or shorter piece? (And what did you love about it?)

I love Laura Turner’s essay series on anxiety for Catapult, but I was particularly moved by “Anxiety for Highly Productive People”—as an ambitious but often anxious person, it just resonated with me on so many levels.


Thank you for sharing, Blair!

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