HippoCamp 2017 Recap

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Wow. What a phenomenal weekend! The third annual HippoCamp: A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers was an incredible success. Thank you to our speakers for sharing their knowledge and experiences, to our attendees for their interest and an enthusiasm for both learning and each other, to our volunteer team for their tireless efforts, and to our sponsors for their support.

HippoCamp 2018 is tentatively scheduled for August 24-26, 2018, at the Lancaster Marriott; call for proposals opens in late September.

We hope we’ll see you again in 2018! Until then, we’ve captured some memories from 2017 that we hope will continue to inspire you for months to come.

Here’s to new friendships, new projects, rekindled old ones, and to creative nonfiction!


2017 Recap in Stories, Pictures & Posts

Throughout September and early October 2017, we’ll add to this recap page as blog posts, photos, and other recaps filter in.





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Several session presenters who either used slides and/or hand-outs have made them available for viewing after the conference. To make it easier to find which sessions have these materials, we’ve listed them here. (open the tab to see.)

View Sessions with Slides/Handouts

Please note: We always like to point out that viewing slide decks after the fact won’t always include the context provided in a live presentation as they’re often a only visual aid meant to complement a talk; these are for reference/reminders only and not necessarily meant to duplicate the conference experience.

The Kick-As$ Book Proposal… (flash) – Elane Johnson

Copyedit Yourself – Whitney Archer

Drawing Out Words (flash) – Rebecca Fish Ewan

Find Stories in Your Family History – Kelly Kautz

Finding Your Tribe (Or, How a Writing Group Saved My Life) – Rae Theodore and Patty Capaldo-Kline

Genre Blender: An Exploration of Hybrid Form… – Lara Lillibridge

High, Wide, Deep: Finding and Using Research to Enrich Your Prose – Wendy Bilen

How to Build Your Own Writing Community (flash) – Lisa Cottrell

I’ll Take Titles for a Thousand, Alex (flash) – Lisa Romeo

I Remember: Unlocking Memories…– Jamie Brickhouse

Many Roads Traveled: Writing, Editing & Publishing Across Intersections – Athena Dixon

Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly: Using Speculation in CNF – Vicki Mayk

Memory and Memory: How to Navigate Our Wiggly Minds (flash) – Kate Meadows

Memory: Your Brain on Stories – John Teske

Submission Strategy – Lisa Romeo

Tackling the Addiction Memoir – Rae Pagliarulo

Telling Sexy Stories – Chris Girman

Worries of the Poet, Tools of the Essayist: Crafting the Lyric Essay (workshop) – Randon Billings Noble & Marshall Warfield

Writing Better with Social Media – Allison Williams

The Writing Life: How To Survive and Succeed…. – Gabriela Pereira





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We created a Google photo album, and you can add to it!


THE BACK CHANNEL – Just a sampling of the #hippocamp17 hashtag action

Thanks to everyone who live-tweeted during the conference and checked in after you arrived home! We’ll build a social media recap in the future, but, for now, view all the hashtag action on Twitter.

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T-SHIRTS – Didn’t snag an official conference tee?

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