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Below, you will find a quick overview of the HippoCamp schedule and format for 2017; this is subject to change.

Saturday is the heart of HippoCamp and the longest day. (That’s why we’re feeding you breakfast and lunch!) Aside from full-group sessions (meals, panels), there are breakout sessions — usually four to each time slot. On Sunday, the final day of the creative nonfiction conference, we come together as one group again; and the focus of the day is on engaging panels.

Throughout the conference enjoy:

  • Exhibits: Meet vendors with products and services that fit writers
  • Book sale: Grab a title penned by our keynoters, panelists and other HippoCamp guests
  • Lit swap: Find info about publishing opps, events, and other handouts form your fellow attendees
  • Meals and snacks: We’ll keep you hydrated and feed you well
  • Each other: Informal networking opportunities


What’s different than last year? More speakers. More sessions. More time.
In 2017, thanks to conference feedback, we’ve extended breakout sessions to 60 minutes to allow for more discussion. In 2016, we brought Flash Sessions into the mix, and we’re bringing them back again this year, which means more speakers and more passion for CNF! Finally, all of our pre-conference workshops sold out in 2016, so we’ve added a few more to the line-up this year to meet the demand.