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I Remember: Unlocking Memories to Lay the Foundation of Your Memoir (CREATE 3A)

Heritage A September 9, 2017 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

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Jamie Brickhouse

Memory and fact are two different animals. The meat of literary memoir is the author’s salient memories around the facts of the story she is telling.

Taking a lead from Joe Brainard’s literary and artistic cult classic, “I Remember,” we will discover that laying ‘I remembers’ on the page before writing prose, is akin to an artist priming a canvas before painting. It can unlock our deepest memories — the buried, nearly forgotten, and painful — to allow those memories to flower on the page.

Participants will discover that the memories which materialize from their stream of conscious — the ones that cannot be ignored — are the ones that must be written about, and often create literary gold. Using examples from classic memoirs and seminal how-to books on memoir, we’ll discuss how this works. A reading list, as well as additional writing prompts and exercises will be provided.

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