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Telling Sexy Stories (CREATE 6A)

Heritage A September 9, 2017 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Chris Girman

Have a sexy story? In this session we’ll look at both successful erotic memoirs and artful sexual scenes to determine what might be gained from more-or-less explicit sexual portrayals in nonfiction.

From the graphic sexual memoir of French cultural critic Catherine Millet to Diablo Cody’s humorous accounts of amateur strip night and phone sex, this session asks participants to consider what sex adds to their story. We will consider how sexual excess may lead to a crisis in narrative authority, how sanitization and sublimation may inhabit thoughtful reflection, and how self-exposure accelerates evolution and catharsis, pleasing both writer and reader.

Take away a list of criteria to determine if your work would benefit from sexy scene(s), which to include and which to leave for more expository moments, and how much reflection is needed both within and after significant sexual moments.

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