Alive Inside: Every Body Has A Story (Pre-Conference Workshop E) – req. separate registration

Commonwealth 1 September 8, 2017 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Jennifer Hill

Your body has been gathering stories your entire life. The stories of where you lived, the stories of your struggles and triumphs, the lonely moments and the full, the people who raised you, the stories of where you now live — all of these live inside of you.

In this pre-conference workshop, participants explore identity, perception, and memory by writing from a variety of movement theatre and writing exercises.  We’ll discover how creative creative nonfiction can be as we ground our awareness in the body. You may leave with an essay, the start of a show, a self-portrait, or a narrative of the self in response to something as “simple” as the way you always twirl your hair. Prepare to extend some metaphors and stretch some muscles, raise your hands and eyebrows with questions, tilt your head in deep reflection, and surprise yourself with the language of movement.

Note: Pre-conference workshops are an optional add-on ($50) for registered conference attendees; you may add one when you register, or you may also add one later, but, remember, space for these intensive learning opportunities is limited. Workshops may not be taken independent of the conference. 

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