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Submission Strategy: Beyond Wish Lists, Tiers, and Industry Buzz (SHARE 1)

Heritage E September 9, 2017 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Lisa Romeo

Get real — and get published, published more frequently, and in places that make you happy. Wish lists, tiered rankings, industry buzz and submission calendars are helpful, but might not get you out of the rejection pile, or bring real satisfaction. Conventional wisdom and advice about submissions are only starting points.

The next and most important steps are to go beyond all that to devise a submissions strategy of your own–for print and online literary journals, and even for more commercial media outlets. One that makes sense for you (and probably you alone). Do you really care about X Journal? Or have you just been programmed to think you should? In this session, you’ll learn to develop a strategy that honors and serves each individual piece of work, and addresses what you truly want and need as a writer at any given moment while improving your submissions batting average.

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This is my second time seeing Lisa speak, and she nailed it again. So much USEFUL and practical information that I can put to use immediately!   --  on Lisa Romeo's "Multiplication and Division" session
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