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The Charms of Travel Writing: Enhancing Your Narrative with Memoir, Research, and Serendipity (TOPICS 1)

Hickory Room September 9, 2017 8:45 am - 9:45 am

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Margaret Montet

Most writers are able to narrate a linear story, but the trick to adding reader interest is weaving in relevant memoir, research, conversation, and anecdotes. (Think of the narrative as a bracelet and these additions as its charms!)

By examining examples from classic travel literature and writing from prompts in this breakout session, participants will practice enhancing their travel narratives with personal stories, little-known facts, aspects of culture, anecdotes, and serendipitous conversations.

By the time they leave this session, participants will know where to go to find reliable information and be able to smoothly integrate these new threads into the fabric of their narrative. The presenter, a librarian of 23 years and a travel writer, will share some tips for efficient online and print research using library resources.